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Luci decorative: Catellani&Smith

Established in 1989 by Enzo Catellani, Catellani & Smith is an Italian company producing different types of lighting equipment: table, standing, wall or ceiling lamps.

It also makes special customised light fittings for installation in large indoor and outdoor areas.

The plant is housed in an old re-structured mill in North Italy - an original environment in keeping with the company’s philosophy.

These surroundings set Catellani & Smith well apart from the usual industrial models and serve as a backdrop to the days when production meant using your brains and hands, with all the meaning, magic and enthusiasm that handmade objects still convey.

This is a design concept that goes beyond the use of merely attractive, at times even ironical shapes, but is actually a search for the quality of light.

Lamps with snaky twists of transformable, flexible pipes that spread a soft yet intense glow.

Luci d’Oro, whose gilded surfaces reflect warm, sunny light.

Stchu-moon, in which hand-crafting produces an irregular surface, so that no two pieces are identical.

All these objects are eye catching, have no fear of shadows, but instead take full advantage of shapes to create an interesting play of light with plenty of contrasts.

After only a few years, by means of a simple but widespread organisation, Catellani & Smith’s image is now receiving good exposure through consolidated distribution channels in many areas including:

Europe, USA, South America, Israel, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Furthermore, the recent installations at the Mandarin Hotel of Hong Kong, at the Palais Wilson in Geneva and at the outdoor areas in Rue des Chartreux a Bruxelles, at Batllo House – Gaudì in Barcelona,

Museo della Cartografia di Stato/Fontana di Trevi – Roma, are of particular interest.




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