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Luci decorative: Bega recessed ceiling Art.3821 3822

Bega recessed ceiling Art.3821 3822

With LED 24 V DC either as
Location luminaires
Protection class IP 68 20 m · Safety class III
Stainless steel housing and front plate
White matt safety glass
Connecting cable H05RN8-F 2 x 1
Installation bush made of synthetic material for installation in recessed

openings of 30 mm or 45 mm in diameter provided by the customer
A separate power supply unit is required to operate the luminaires.
The luminaires are also available on request in the LED light colours
green, blue, yellow and red.
Colour temperature 5000 K. Also available with 4000 K on request


Version available:


Lamp: LED 0,5W

Lumen: 2 

Recessed opening: Ø 30X100

Dimensions: 37X65


Lamp: LED 1,5W

Lumen: 45

Recessed opening: Ø 45x100

Dimensions: 50X75

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